Shopping days I

Yesterday I was shopping with two of my best friends. There was a big sale so we bought a lots of things :D During the shopping I decided that I'll leave almost all of my pink clothes at home when I'll move to Paris. It's the only way my stuff could fit in my suitcase :( It's automn so I'll take my black, white, grey and blue clothes with me~ ...and of course some crazy coloured accessories :D I already started to sort my clothes!

Today I bought some basic clothes:
A black and a white long tee (C&A)
...a dark blue cutsew (C&A)
...a lovely blue shirt (Camieau)
...and a peach coloured lacy camisole (NewYorker) to match my lovely tights (Ebay :D)
Oh! And a grey pullover (Kenvelo) too but I forgot it when I took the photo :D

I fell deeply in love with a pullover in Springfield too but it was awfully expensive so I had to leave it there :((( But I really want it! T__T >>stockphoto<< And I'm still searching for a pair of sneaker in H&M so tomorrow I'll take a look in another store, wish me good luck :3

And I got my pendant of our original friendship necklace set! :) Thank You, Lucchan~~ And for Misa too, her handmade accessories are soooo cute!! :) >>Take a look at her works!<< So here is the photo of my pendant. I chose the blue bird from Angry Birds, although he is such a loser :D but matches my clothes! :D Sora has the black one, Lulu has the yellow and Vera has the little red bird :) ...and I put the pendant on the same necklace as my half yinyang because I wear it every day and will take it to Paris :)


  1. the tights is awsome O.O can you tell me a name of the seller on ebay ?

    Originally I found it on Taobao but with the shoppingservices fees that way it would have been more expensive ^.^"