Dance of the Vampires

As it's our last few weeks in Hungary I nagged my bf about seeing the fantastic musical version of the Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski. That's officially my favourite musical - and you should know that I've seen many :D I was totally in love with the original german version (Michael Kunze & Jim Steinman) for a long time when some years ago a hungarian theatre bought it and made an amazing performance from it with Kentaur's costumes and theatrical scenery. (I chose my profession because of him so you can imagine how good is he... *.*)

This was the 3rd time when I was lucky enough to own a ticket and it was still perfect - although dear Géza Egyházi (as Count Krolock) managed to mess up the lyrics of my favourite song ("Die unstillbare Gier" - "El nem múló vágy") XD But I'm not dissapointed at all, and I'm so happy that my bf also liked it a lot :)

Thanks to Lulu for lending me her dress! I almost never wear red but I think this dress was perfect for this occasion :)

I've already started to search for musicals in Paris :D ...but I haven't found any interesting yet :S Does anyone has any idea?


Yesterday we went to the 'Kopaszi gát' to light wish lanterns to say goodbye to the summer (on the hottest day of the whole year! :D) and for me it was a littlebit about saying goodbye to Hungary too~ When I started to organize this night, I thought that at least 20 people should light a lantern to look good but I also thought that it would be impossible for me to organize a party with 20 people. Luckily the interest was high and in the and we let 30 lanterns fly! Some of us also brought friends so I think that there were around 35-40 people + the onlookers :D Thank you for everyone for this event, it was amazing!

And... only 3 weeks till Paris!!

Offtopic :) Yay for my amazing cats! :D

This time last year a skinny but lovely grey cat started to walk around in our neighborhood. I was sailing with my (at that time NEW :D) boyfriend in the Adriatic Sea for that week when I got an SMS from my parents that I have to think about a name for a tom-cat. I was happy but also very surprised because our family has never had a pet since my parents are married. When I got home from the vacation the little grey cat was still there in our garden and I hugged him for several minutes and I felt that he will stay with us from now on forever although he wasn't friendly at all. He was a typical cat: lazy and egoist. Beautiful but not funny.

One or two days later we realized that he has a friend, a small black cat, but he was even shyer and skinnier. Since we didn't want to have pets - especially not two - we tried to chase him away but the grey cat always protected him. That was the time when we realised that perhaps they are brothers so we adopted the black one as well.

We tried to find a good name pair for them. It was really hard because there are a lots of name pairs like Romeo&Juliet, Simba&Nala but our cats are both boys - so after some days we found the perfect nickname for them! Lorenzo & Cosimo - the 2 great Medicis. We really love art history so I think we couldn't find a better name for them! :)

At first I liked Cosimo (the black one) better because he was kind and cute and so much girly :D but there was a moment last autumn when a tragedy happened in our group of friends and I cried for hours. Even my parents couldn't help and I thought that after that thing I'll never ever smile again, but then my mother put Lorenzo in my room... It was amazing. He played for the first time (maybe in his whole life) and the timing was perfect. He tried to eat one of my pencils :) I cried and laughed at the same time and since that moment he is one of the most important things in my life...

Since then my boyfriend also fell in love with Lorenzo. They are always playing with eachother. Some weeks ago I asked him that why he loves Lori better than Cosi and he answered that Cosimo is cute and lovable but Lorenzo has a personality... "Cute and lovable" is also a personality but I understand what he meant and that's true.

I will really miss them next year! I'll definetly ask my parents to take photos of them every month while I'll be in Paris. I hope that they will live a very long and healthy life and even my children will play with my old cats ;)

We Heart It

>>We Heart It<< is my favourite photosharing site. The pictures are very inspiring and all of them makes me feel happy. Ok, not all of them because there are some photos with very sad quotes on them but they are also lovely. When I feel sad or I'm just bored I can push the older>> button on the bottom of the site for hours. Here you are some example. They are my favourite Paris themed photos:

Drawing and preparations

I've started this drawing almost a month ago but I was too busy to finish it since yesterday (in fact lazy but busy sounds better :D). To tell the truth I love how it turned out because I love the colours of my copics and cuddling is the best thing on earth! ^__^

Today I visited the mother of my lovely friend, Pálma because her mother is a fantastic fashion designer (I worked for her last summer as her assistant) and she will sew my costume. It will be soooo lovely I can't wait to have it! I really need one because I have to find a job in Paris and an elegant pencil skirt with a matching jacket is really important for the interviews :)

And today we're going to buy our plane ticket for next month!

Lalihoooo~ and welcome to my blog! ^___^

I thought it would be a great idea to create a new blog about my trip to Paris. I have only a month left here in Budapest and I'm soooo excited!

Please don't be cruel and don't laugh at me because of my english~ I know that my language skills are basic but I have to practice a lot to improve! :)

So about my connection to Paris... Most of you already know that I've studied in a fashion school (Modart Budapest) here in Hungary for 3 years and after the last year I've got a french certificate so I'm officially a fashion designer since 2010 ^_^ ...but to get a real university diplome I have to study for an other year in Paris in the same school. Although I've hated the french language since my childhood I've learned it in the past year with so much enthusiasm! It's my 3rd foreign language and I know that I have to do my best to be able to live in Paris.

And now I'm here with a certificate that I'll be a student in the class of 2012 "DU Création/Production" in Mod'Art International and yesterday we've also got an e-mail from Maison des Arts et Métiers that we can live there in a double room with my boyfriend *___* Everything seems perfect, I can't wait till the 17th of Septembre! Wish me good luck ^_~