Offtopic :) Yay for my amazing cats! :D

This time last year a skinny but lovely grey cat started to walk around in our neighborhood. I was sailing with my (at that time NEW :D) boyfriend in the Adriatic Sea for that week when I got an SMS from my parents that I have to think about a name for a tom-cat. I was happy but also very surprised because our family has never had a pet since my parents are married. When I got home from the vacation the little grey cat was still there in our garden and I hugged him for several minutes and I felt that he will stay with us from now on forever although he wasn't friendly at all. He was a typical cat: lazy and egoist. Beautiful but not funny.

One or two days later we realized that he has a friend, a small black cat, but he was even shyer and skinnier. Since we didn't want to have pets - especially not two - we tried to chase him away but the grey cat always protected him. That was the time when we realised that perhaps they are brothers so we adopted the black one as well.

We tried to find a good name pair for them. It was really hard because there are a lots of name pairs like Romeo&Juliet, Simba&Nala but our cats are both boys - so after some days we found the perfect nickname for them! Lorenzo & Cosimo - the 2 great Medicis. We really love art history so I think we couldn't find a better name for them! :)

At first I liked Cosimo (the black one) better because he was kind and cute and so much girly :D but there was a moment last autumn when a tragedy happened in our group of friends and I cried for hours. Even my parents couldn't help and I thought that after that thing I'll never ever smile again, but then my mother put Lorenzo in my room... It was amazing. He played for the first time (maybe in his whole life) and the timing was perfect. He tried to eat one of my pencils :) I cried and laughed at the same time and since that moment he is one of the most important things in my life...

Since then my boyfriend also fell in love with Lorenzo. They are always playing with eachother. Some weeks ago I asked him that why he loves Lori better than Cosi and he answered that Cosimo is cute and lovable but Lorenzo has a personality... "Cute and lovable" is also a personality but I understand what he meant and that's true.

I will really miss them next year! I'll definetly ask my parents to take photos of them every month while I'll be in Paris. I hope that they will live a very long and healthy life and even my children will play with my old cats ;)

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